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Weekly Digest Online Security February 16, 2017

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Six critical customer support differentiators in cybersecurity

Regardless of size or sector, excellent customer support is a major differentiator within any organization. In the cybersecurity industry, however, tech support is more than a differentiator – it’s a customer’s lifeline to protecting their most sensitive data.

This data can range from financial documents on a consumer’s home computer, to medical information within a hospital’s technology systems and intellectual property on an enterprise network. This sensitive information must be safeguarded, and end users – including IT teams – must know how to properly do so with the technology they have.

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Five ways to prevent data leaks

The story still strikes fear into the hearts of IT departments: As many as 70 million credit- and debit card accounts were compromised in less than a month during the Target data breach. While Target’s internal security team was using all of the right protocols, it was an external contractor who ultimately provided the way in. No matter how locked down an IT department is, most breaches occur when a third-party provider is involved, allowing the leakage of critical data such as passwords or IP.

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FIDO Authentication: Why You Should Care

The current best-practice advice for passwords is that you shouldn’t even know your password, and you should use a separate password for each of your online accounts. You can accomplish these goals today by using a cloud-based password management solution such as LastPass or 1Password to auto-generate pseudo-random passwords for each account.

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