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Weekly Digest Online Security December 26, 2016

We’re launching our weekly digest of cybersecurity news. Please check the first compilation of articles.


Tips For Talking To Your Board About Security Incidents

Security incidents and breaches have become not if, but when, scenarios for most organizations. According to recently released data from the Breach Level Index, there were 974 security breaches alone in the first half of 2016 – and those are only the breaches that were made public.

Getting your Board of Directors to understand the need to plan ahead should be easy. The tricky part is learning how to best communicate with your Board at each stage of an incident. Here is what you need to know.

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Zero-day exploits could potentially turn hundreds of thousands of IP cameras into IoT botnet slaves

The information security community tends to look down on Internet of Things research and dismiss it as junk hacking. While the recent Mirai botnet attacks have raised the profile of embedded security, owning a “smart “ device still isn’t as sexy as owning a MacBook Air.

But popping IoT devices can potentially cause much more damage. Exploit vulnerabilities in enough set-top boxes, cameras and other embedded systems and an adversary can construct a botnet that’s capable of taking down the Internet for a large swath of the U.S.

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The 7 Most Sensational Breaches Of 2016

Remember when mega-breaches of hundreds of millions of people’s credit card numbers seemed to be the worst attackers could throw at enterprises. What a quaint time that was. This last year has seen a drastic drop in those kinds of wholesale breaches. Nowadays the numbers don’t look nearly as dramatic, but the implications of breaches are actually much more serious. In 2016 the most impactful hacks and exposures directly lead to tens of millions in fraudulent money transfers, potentially  impacted national elections, and got enterprise executives sacked from their jobs.

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