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Weekly Digest Online Security February 14, 2017

News and trends in cybersecurity. See our most featured articles for this week

The Future of Cybersecurity

You can’t discuss the future of cybersecurity without considering emerging trends in technology and threat landscapes. As organizations develop and adopt technologies related to big data, cognitive computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), cyberthreats are growing in both volume and complexity.

The race is on to secure these systems and devices before fraudsters figure out how to exploit them. Let’s take a look at some of the most important themes and innovations shaping our increasingly interconnected world.

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The security impact of HTTPS interception in the wild

These solutions have to be able to terminate TLS sessions so that they could analyze the inner HTTP plaintext traffic to spot threats and filter content. But, are the new TLS connections they initiate to encrypt the traffic again and forward it to the destination safe?

HTTPS deployment is on an upward trajectory, and this growth is accompanied by the increasing HTTPS interception and SSL inspection by enterprise-grade firewalls, web filters, gateways, as well as client-side antivirus and security solutions.

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Ways to bring down BYOD security risks in 2017

The BYOD movement continued strong in 2016 as businesses increasingly embraced its benefits, including employee satisfaction, fewer hardware expenses, and flexible work. According to a research paper titled “Understanding the Bring-Your-Own-Device landscape” published by Deloitte, BYOD is already present in several organisations throughout the United Kingdom.

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