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Weekly Digest Online Security February 6, 2017

This time we talk about simple first steps of strenthening up your digital assets security. See our most featured articles for this week

How to Protect Yourself From Soaring Data Breach Crimes

Across the globe in 2016, more than 4 billion records — including sensitive medical records, website usernames and passwords, credit card information and Social Security numbers — were stolen and exposed during 4,149 reported data breaches.

Although that’s an all-time high — the previous record was 822 million records exposed in 2013 — the hacking problem is likely much worse than we even know.

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Cybersecurity: 5 basic lessons for everyone

This article explores a new perspective on cybersecurity that views it as a goal in itself, rather than something that is directly connected to business needs. As it stands now, it seems that too many security organizations are missing the mark.

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Five Ways To Protect Organization’s Digital Assets

Data is extremely significant for any organization. As systems breaches have more than doubled in the past five years, and the attacks have grown in sophistication and complexity, organizations must comprehend the extensiveness of company information that is digital, considering we are now businesses are going digital. These include, banking records, documents, spreadsheets, personnel records, domain names, to name a few. A recent report by McKinsey suggests that Digital Assets are of critical importance to a company and must be the pivot of strategy to protect against cyber threats.

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